Welcome to Barcelona Explore

Welcome to Barcelona Explore

For everyone moving into Barcelona, or thinking about travelling there...

For everyone moving into Barcelona, or thinking about travelling there.

Barcelona basically has it all. The beach, the next thunderstorm, the people, the food (debatable) and it's really relatively cheap. No one really needs to question why it may be one of the most talked about cities on this country.

Our Idea

The idea of this excellent website is to resolve any questions you may have about Barcelona. I'm always available to ideas and compliments, maaanny compliments.

I hope to make this excellent website THE best reference point for Barcelona. Here, you're gonna find information about Barcelona's background, what to do here, facts about this city, muchas cosas!

Therefore, take a seat back, relax and save this page! (And if you were to share with your friends about this website, we would be quite a happy little group).

Visiting Barcelona

Arranging on visiting Barcelona? In this article you can find away what to do here, it's attractions and really history.

Living in Barcelona

For all those living or planning to stay in|are in Barcelona, this page is for you; information aboutliving there that you may well not find elsewhere.

Learn about Barcelona

From this page you will see links to many articles on Barcelona, to enable you to learn all there is to know about this city.

Barcelona Stories

Crazy, fun, dull, offensive... it's all achievable in Barcelona. Right here you'll find some testimonies of many people who have passed through Barcelona.

Barcelona weather

Barcelona weather prediction.

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