Learn about Barcelona

Learn About Barcelona

Take in everything to think about Barcelona...

Barcelona is a captivating city, enhanced with history, intriguing certainties, and a great many attractions.

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Barcelona History Timeline

Barcelona's history from Hercule's voyage in 2000 BC, to the Muslim intrusion in 711, and as far as possible up to the opening of 'Els Quatre Gats'.

Attractions in Barcelona

In this article, I talk about La Sagrada Familia, Montserrat, La Boqueria market, and the sky is the limit from there.

What to do in Barcelona

In this article I speak somewhat about the shorelines in Barcelona, Gaudi's numerous wonderful manifestations, and shopping.

Barcelona Eixample

Eixample is one of Barcelona's numerous barrios or ranges, one that is sensibly youthful, having been made in 1869.

Read about it's history here.

Barcelona Gracia

Read about it's history here.

Facts about Barcelona

A few realities you may not think about Barcelona.

Food in Barcelona

Take in a little about the nourishment in Barcelona.

Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona

One of Barcelona's numerous pearls, read about the bewildering Gaudi in this article.

Gaudi Park Guell

A standout amongst the most mainstream traveler stops inside Barcelona, Park Guell is wonderful and fascinating, and it is definitely justified even despite your chance traveling there.

The Catalans

The Catalan individuals are fairly specific. Here I compassionately share my conclusion on Catalans in general.