Santa Maria del Mar Church Barcelona Explore

Santa Maria del Mar Church

Of immaculate extents, calm, exquisite and raised, the basilica of Santa Maria del Mar of Barcelona is the best type of the Catalan Gothic. The legend says that it contains the same number of stones as days it took to lift it, stones that were stacked and transported by the ganapanes from the pile of Montjuïc to the arenal of the area of the Ribera to develop its church building.

A Church with a Gothic perfection

In 1329, the sailors' societies in La Ribera put, all alone activity, the primary stone of what is viewed as the main altogether completed Catalan Gothic building: the congregation of Santa Maria del Mar. after 55 years, in 1383, and without the work being intruded on once, the entryways of this extraordinary church opened. A sanctuary which, as the years progressed, and because of the accomplishment of Ildefonso Falcones' novel, has come to be known as The Cathedral of the Sea.

Santa Clause Maria del Mar is meaningful and special, with three awesome naves of nearly a similar stature, and segments each thirteen meters, a separation that was never surpassed in any medieval building.13 The entire building gives the vibe of being light and breezy, roomy, and there is a prominent absence of ornamentation. There are no ogival curves or filigree, and the flying supports are fragile. It is unadulterated Catalan Gothic craftsmanship. Just the light that channels through the recolored glass windows embellishes this basilica.

Shocking and persuasive

To experience the entryways of Santa Maria del Mar is to wind up in the midst of the greatness of the congregation, a wonder of development. To such an extent, that as indicated by reports, it was here that Antoni Gaudí was propelled to make the Sagrada Família.

Today, Santa Maria del Mar, settling among the restricted boulevards of El Gòtic, shocks guests as they turn the corner. The quietness that it transmits influences you to consider the harbor watchmen, and the quietude of the ocean specialists that figured out how to set up this house of God amidst a sand pit.

The light is the hero in the inside of the congregation. Enter through the delightful and beautiful windows that possess a great part of the dividers of the congregation.

Enormous and strong, the building shows brilliance, regardless of the point from which you look. Straight lines and an inexorably captured rosette depict its outside.

There is no real way to compose it with words, you need to visit it.

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